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Tux Racer
Hello Riak Users,

I was wondering if their was an easy way (REST API or erlang API), do
stop walking the link.

For instance neo4j traverser API
has a
which can be END_OF_GRAPH or DEPTH_ONE

The use case here is t hat I have a document in folders linked together
with a "parent" relationship:

"document1" links (tag "PARENT") to "folder4"
"folder4" links (tag "PARENT") to "folder3"
"folder3" links (tag "PARENT") to "folder3"
"folder2" links (tag "PARENT") to "folder1"

If I do a HTTP GET on

but I do not know in advance at which depth the document lies so do not
know how many times I need to write /folders,PARENT,_


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Re: link walking stop

Justin Sheehy
Hello, TuX.

The current link-walking API exposed via simple HTTP GET does not
allow you to do that kind of document analysis.  (it is not a general
graph processing model)

Your best bet might be a series of map-reduce queries.

We hope to add a more general graph model to Riak in the future, but
the combination of link-walking's ease and map/reduce's overall
utility allow many problems to be solved well without that.



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