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innostore data growth

Jon Meredith
Hi Alexander,

I have a follow up for you after our discussion on IRC last night.

You can control the maximum number of file descriptors that Embedded
InnoDB will use by setting open_files in the innostore configuration.
The default value compiled in is 300 which exceeds the OS X default of

In riak/etc/app.config add this to your innostore section

{innostore, [
            %% Other Inno settings
            {open_files,               100}            %% Limit to
100 open file handles

I created over 1000 buckets without increasing the default ulimit.


2010/3/9 Alexander Sicular <siculars at>:

>Where can I find more info on what innostore is doing data storage wise, behind the scenes? I'm testing adding keys and watching the innokeystore folder growing. Not only an unreal amount, data wise, relative to the inbound data, but also the number of files are growing. Already ran into the "too many open files" limit on osx (resolved by creating /etc/launchd.conf with some settings). I could stumble through the code... but maybe there's an easier way. Thanks, Alexander

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