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Riak support update

Hi All,

I just wanted to share some news about Riak and commercial support
options - as you may be aware Basho has been placed into liquidation at
the end of July and the assets are being disposed of.

We are pleased to announce Erlang Solutions has partnered with TI Tokyo
to provide continuity of  enterprise grade support to users of the Riak
suite of products.

It means that Riak users now have an alternative to Basho commercial
support. We are offering 24/7 enterprise-grade support together with
expert Riak and Erlang consulting services.

We have now launched support  and I will be happy to discuss your
support requirements.

There is still some uncertainty around the ownership of the Riak IPR
(Basho’s receivers are in the process of trying to dispose of its
business and assets), Erlang Solutions and TI Tokyo intend to work with
all of you and rest of the Riak user community to ensure the Riak
product set evolves and flourishes and we welcome contact from all those
who wish to become active contributors to ensure Riak has a future.

Feel free to contact me if you or your colleagues would like to find out
more about our support or have any questions.

Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts

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