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Hi All

Erlang Solutions is exploring whether we should provide a paid Riak
annual support service given the uncertainty of what's happening with
Basho. This would allow Riak customers to have continuity of support and
not be left with a forced migration situation.

We are looking to gauge demand for this before we commit to creating and
resourcing the service.

We anticipate this would be initially an 8x5 CET service and if there is
sufficient demand we would offer 24x7

This would be for Riak KV.   Given so few companies are using Riak TS,
support for TS would be on a time and materials basis. We are not sure
yet what a Riak CS support service would look like.

If you are interested in this, please drop me an email with some
background on your system (eg size, type, versions etc) and also let me
know if you want a follow-up discussion call.

Steve Roberts

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