Riak Spark Connector 1.6.3 Released

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Riak Spark Connector 1.6.3 Released

Alex Moore
Hi Everyone, 

Version 1.6.3 of the Riak Spark Connector has been released, and is now available through both GitHub and Spark Packages. I'd like to thank the team, especially Sergey Galkin, for all their hard work on this release.

This release fixes some issues, and enhances some features:

  • Enhancement - Data locality support for Coverage Plan Based Partitioning #230
  • Enhancement - Improve Coverage Plan Based Partitioning: smart split calculation and more accurate coverage entry distribution across the partitions #231
  • Critical Fix - Python serialization for empty JSON objects #226
  • Fix - Remove double filtering for DataFrames #228

As always, issues and PRs are welcome via the project's GitHub page.

Alex Moore
Clients Team Lead, Basho

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