Riak Recap, October 7th, 2016

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Riak Recap, October 7th, 2016

Alexander Sicular-2

Greetings Team Riak,

For your perusing this weekend we’ve got a few blog posts to distract you from CNN’s round-the-clock Matthew coverage along with the presumably informative mailing list recap. Stay dry out there...

Are you working on something Riak related? Sharing is caring ;) Let me know what you’re working on and I’ll get your talk, project or blog post in the next Riak Recap.

## Announcements

  • Craig Vitter writes in opensource.com, “Riak TS for time series analysis at scale” [0], describing his upcoming talk at All Things Open [1].

  • Sean Kelly guest blogs on basho.com about pitfalls and misconceptions to watch out for when considering a microservices based architecture [2].

  • Basho Engineer Jon Brisbin blogs about Riak on Docker and outlines step by step instruction on how to get up and running in a number of circumstances [3]. For those of you who have expressed interest in Riak on Docker, I encourage you to start with this post.

  • Viktoria Fordos and Csaba Hoch take us on a harrowing tale of what can go wrong when you’re all deployed and in production and how they reigned it in by using WombatOAM [4] in "Operational nightmare fun: dealing with misconfigured Riak Clusters" [5].

  • Tom Sigler & Co. put together the “Riak KV: Operations Intro” course on Basho Academy [6].

  • Riak Explorer [7] has been seeing steady improvements. You can now graph Riak stats data gathered from a local instance.

  • The Ripple project, a modeling layer for Riak in Ruby, has been transferred to its own repo. Those looking to contribute are encouraged to do so there [8].

## Jobs at Basho

Interested in working on distributed computing related problems or helping our community with theirs? We’re hiring, here are a few of our open positions. Check out the rest [9].

  • Client Services Engineer (London) [10].

  • Developer Advocate EMEA (London) [11].

  • Developer Advocate (US) [12].

  • Solution Architect (SF) [13].

(Yes, a number of these positions are remote.)

## Recently Answered

  • Niels Christian Sorensen is interested in certain backup options in Riak S2 [14]. Matthew Von-Maszewski links work being done to make Riak hot-backupable [15].

  • Kyle Nguyen is interested in deleting bucket types [16], Magnus Kessler drops the knowledge [17][18].

  • Vikram Lalit asks about best practices when modeling a messaging use case that may call for lots of buckets [19].

  • Ricardo Mayerhofer has concerns about the continued evolution of Riak KV [20]. Charlie Voiselle, Riak KV wrangler at Basho, replies [21].

## Open Discussions

  • Brandon Martin is interested in figuring out how to use map/reduce in the Erlang client when using bucket types [22].

  • Sean McEvoy wants to get some more performance out of paginated queries in Solr [23]. Fred Dushin lets us know that cursor marks are the way to go [24]. Unfortunately, the front-end guys always want more [25].

  • Lingesh is getting an error when starting Riak and enabling AAE due to 100% i/o utilization [26].

  • Following up on previous Solr query, cursor mark and coverage plan discussions, Guillaume Boddaert opens a new line of questioning around tuning the coverage plan itself [27].

Have a safe weekend,

-Alexander Sicular

Solution Architect, Basho


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