Riak Recap, October 29th, 2016

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Riak Recap, October 29th, 2016

Alexander Sicular-2

Hello Ghouls and Gals,

This weekend I offer you a bit of light reading from our Riak Users email archive (always available, rarely deletable!) Also, between raiding the kids’ M&M’s and Skittles, make time to bone up on your Riak skills with some new courses at the Basho Academy [0]. For those not in the know, we’re continuously adding quick, self paced tutorials on various Riak related topics to the Basho Academy. If there is something you think could use some extra attention let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Are you working on something Riak related? Reply to this missive and I’ll get your talk, project or blog post in the next Riak Recap. Perhaps you’re interested in penning a guest post on the Basho blog? [1]

## Announcements

  • Introducing two new training modules on Basho Academy:

    • Riak KV: Operations Intro [2]

    • Riak TS: Spark Riak Connector [3]

## Basho for Business

Let’s assume you use Riak. We want to help you get the most out of it. The Basho for Business section of the Riak Recap will highlight ways that Basho can help you do just that.

Did you know that Basho offers Open Source support [4] and professional services [5] such as developer and operations training? We do, it’s true. If you've been considering licensing Riak, our sales staff are great people to work with and can help you get the licenses you need at a price that works. For example, we offer reduced pricing for startups. If you're interested in hearing more, with no pressure or obligation, drop us your details [6] and we'll have someone reach out to answer your questions. Hey, you might get to talk to me!

## Jobs at Basho

Interested in working on distributed computing related problems or helping our community with theirs? We’re hiring, here are a few of our open positions. Check out the rest [7].

  • Client Services Engineer (London) [8].

  • Developer Advocate EMEA (London) [9].

  • Developer Advocate (US) [10].

  • Solution Architect (SF) [11].

(Yes, we are remote friendly.)

## Recently Answered

  • Brandon Martin is interested in figuring out how to use map/reduce in the Erlang client when using bucket types [12]. Basho engineer Luke Bakken replies with some recommendations and examples! [13]

  • Damion Junk is looking for guidance on running KV use cases alongside TS use cases in Riak TS cluster [14]. The official party line from Basho's John Daily at this time is that although you can do it, Basho does not currently support it and recommends you split the functionality into two clusters, KV and TS [15][16]. Damien Krotkine joins the conversation to report his experience in when doubling up use cases in Riak TS [17]. And I find it interesting that the Dami{o|e}n's have a Levenshtein distance [18] of 1.

  • Travis Kirstine has a question on whether or not the Riak claimant node has higher load than its peers [19]. Magnus Kessler informs us that it does not [20].

  • AJAX DoneBy Jack (who does AJAX) is interested in knowing how to specify query fields (qf) in a Solr query via the Riak Java Client. Basho's Magnus Kessler [21] and Fred Dushin [22] let us know that when communicating with Riak over protobuf there is no easy way to add certain Solr parameters. Nevertheless Alex Moore [23] shows us a way to do this by piggybacking the qf param in the {!dismax} block.

  • Joe Olson brings us a question on max quantum[24] range when querying in Riak TS [25]. John Daily adds some clarity [26]. For the uninitiated, Riak TS will execute a range query against a maximum number of quanta (configurable) [27][28].

  • In answering Rohit Sanbhadti question [29] on webmachine/mochiweb sockets, Luke Bakken lets us know that there is currently no way to dynamically modify mochiwebs max connections [30]. An increasing listen() backlog is generally symptomatic of not being able to handle increased load.

  • AJAX DoneBy Jack is back with a question [31] on Riak Explorer [32] and SSL. Magnus Kessler lets us know that Riak Explorer hasn't quite figured out how to speak SSL yet [33].

## Open Discussions

  • Ricardo Mayerhofer is experiencing node crashes [34] in his cluster. Ricardo, any update?

  • Lingesh is getting an error when starting Riak and enabling AAE due to 100% i/o utilization [35].

  • Following up on previous Solr query, cursor mark and coverage plan discussions, Guillaume Boddaert opens a new line of questioning around tuning the coverage plan itself [36].

Have a spooktacular weekend,

-Alexander Sicular

Solution Architect, Basho


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