Riak Recap, December 9th, 2016

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Riak Recap, December 9th, 2016

Alexander Sicular-2

Hello Folks,

Hope you’re all enjoying this lull in the holiday season, it's a great time to catch up on some Riak. As usual, we have some reading material while you’re hopefully staying warm this weekend.

Are you working on something Riak related? Let me know and I’ll get your talk, project or blog post in the next Riak Recap. Perhaps your project could be featured on our blog [0].

## Announcements

  • New on Basho’s blog, part one of a three part series: “IoT Roundtable Participants Basho, IBM and Raytheon Discuss IoT at the Edge” [1]

  • Pavel Hardak lays out the open source IoT landscape at QCon SF 2016: “Building Scalable IoT Apps Using OSS Technologies” [2]

  • John Musser delivered a talk at Apache Spark Summit, Europe 2016 entitled “Lessons Learned Optimizing NoSQL for Apache Spark” [3]

  • Following up on Lager moving into its own repo, Mark Allen lets us know that he and Andrew Thompson will be hosting office hours on freenode. Take a look here for the details [4]

## Basho for Business

We want to help you get the most out of Riak. Basho offers Open Source support [5], professional services [6], such as developer and operations training, and we offer reduced pricing for startups. If you're interested in hearing more, drop us your details [7] and we'll have someone reach out to answer your questions. Hey, you might get to talk to me!

## Jobs at Basho

Interested in working on distributed computing related problems or helping our community with theirs? We’re hiring, here are a few of our open positions. Check out the rest [8].

  • Client Services Engineer (London) [9].

  • Developer Advocate EMEA (London) [10].

(Yes, we are remote friendly.)

## Recently Answered

  • Daniel Miller gets help regarding RAM overflow issues in Riak CS [11].

  • Luca Favatella returns with am update on how best to store data offline in an Android environment [12].

  • Konstantin Kalin gets help from Alex Moore [13] on some Java client issues [14].

  • Toby Corkindale brings us a Java client shutdown issue [15] with demo code [16] and opens a github ticket for it [17]. Thanks for the report!

  • Gal Ben Haim wants to use KV buckets in TS [18]. Pavel Hardak, Product Manager for Riak TS, replies [19].

  • Henning Verbeek is looking for information around where bucket type data resides and how to access them [20], Shaun McVey replies [21].

  • Ricardo Mayerhofer is interested in a percentile() function in Riak TS [22], Pavel lets us know that its on the roadmap [23].

  • Jing Liu wants to monitor ports and fd’s associated with Riak [24], Fred Dushin shares some advice [25].

  • Arun Rajagopalan is looking for tips on listing keys for small buckets [26]. Although you should generally not list keys, Russell Brown lets us know the backend makes a difference [27].

## Open Discussions

  • A R needs help writing data to TS via C# [28], Luke is helping with some of the debug [29].

  • Toby Corkindale has concerns about Riak CS logging [30].

  • Neo needs some help getting CS up and running from source [31].

  • Vladyslav Zakhozhai is wondering how exactly pbc_pool_master_workers is defined [32].

Have a cozy weekend,

-Alexander Sicular

Solution Architect, Basho


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[3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiglp28QsEU

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[6] http://basho.com/products/professional-services/

[7] http://basho.com/contact/

[8] http://bashojobs.theresumator.com

[9] http://bashojobs.theresumator.com/apply/zznz3Z/Client-Services-Engineer

[10] http://bashojobs.theresumator.com/apply/nVY7Ea/Developer-Advocate-EMEA

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