Riak Recap, December 23rd, 2016

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Riak Recap, December 23rd, 2016

Alexander Sicular-2

Hello New Year's Revelers,

This is the last recap of the year and it’s a big one. The dedicated team at Basho delivered yet another TS release, Riak TS 1.5, and it’s packed full of new features and performance enhancements. Many thanks to all the folks at Basho who’ve worked on Riak this year and many thanks to all of you who participate in this community. Looking forward to hearing about how you use Riak in the new year.

Are you working on something Riak related? Let me know and I’ll get your talk, project or blog post in the next Riak Recap. Perhaps your project could be featured on our blog [0].

## Announcements

  • Riak TS 1.5. New features like LIMIT, ORDER BY, ASC/DESC, BLOB type, DELETE EXPLAIN and many performance enhancements are just some of the features to check out in the documentation [1]. Read the release notes [2] and download [3] at your earliest convenience ;)

  • Or course, what release would be complete without library updates?

    • Riak Java Client 2.1.1: Maven [4], Release Notes [5], API Docs [6]

    • Riak Erlang Client 2.5.1: Tag [7], API Docs: [8]

    • Riak Python Client 2.7.0: PyPi [9], Tag [10], API Docs [11]

    • Riak Ruby Client 2.6.0: Rubygems [12], Tag [13], API Docs [14]

    • Riak Node.js Client 2.4.0: NPM [15], Tag [16], API Docs [17]

    • Riak .NET Client 2.5.0: Nuget [18], Tag [19], API Docs [20]

    • Riak PHP Client 3.3.0: Packagist [21], Tag [22], API Docs [23]

    • Riak PHP-PB Client 1.3.0: Packagist [24], Tag [25], API Docs [26]

    • Riak Go Client 1.9.0: Tag [27], API Docs [28]

  • Completing the three part series[29], “IoT Roundtable Participants Basho, IBM and Raytheon Discuss IoT at the Edge” here are parts two [30] and three [31].

  • Gianluca Padovani recently spoke at NoSlidesConf [32] on riak_core [33] and will be blogging about the topic in a multipart series, the first of which has already been published, “Create a riak_core application in Elixir (Part 1)” [34], with accompanying code [35].

  • Jason Voegele will be giving a talk at CodeMash [36], Jan 12th, on “Dialyzer: Optimistic Type Checking for Erlang and Elixir” [37]. Slides to follow.

## Basho for Business

We want to help you get the most out of Riak. Basho offers Open Source support [38], professional services [39], such as developer and operations training, and we offer reduced pricing for startups. If you're interested in hearing more, drop us your details [40] and we'll have someone reach out to answer your questions. Hey, you might get to talk to me!

## Jobs at Basho

Interested in working on distributed computing related problems or helping our community with theirs? We’re hiring, here are a few of our open positions. Check out the rest [41].

  • Client Services Engineer (London) [42].

  • Developer Advocate EMEA (London) [43].

(Yes, we are remote friendly.)

## Recently Answered

  • Felipe Esteves is interested in creating and listing bucket types [44]. Luke Bakken answers and opens a ticket to clean up the documentation [45].

  • Joe Olson is looking for information on storing data in Riak at microsecond resolution [46]. Although Riak currently only supports millisecond resolution, you could work around it [47].

## Open Discussions

  • Toby Corkindale needs help closing connections in Riak CS once his high availability HAproxy fails over [48].

  • Pulin Gupta can delete data from Riak but it still persists in yokozuna [49].

  • A R needs help writing data to TS via C# [50], Luke is helping with some of the debug [51].

  • Toby Corkindale has concerns about Riak CS logging [52].

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, have a fantastic New Years and see you all in 2017!

-Alexander Sicular

Solution Architect, Basho


[0] http://basho.com/blog/

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