Riak CS, logging and admin secrets

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Riak CS, logging and admin secrets

Toby Corkindale-2
The other day I was concerned when I discovered the riak-cs console.log contained the following:
2016-11-17 16:36:10.639 [warning] <0.155.0>@riak_cs_app:check_admin_creds:76 The admin user's secret is specified. Ignoring.
2016-11-17 16:36:10.680 [info] <0.155.0>@riak_cs_app:fetch_and_cache_admin_creds:93 setting admin secret as XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX==

Except that the long string of XXXXXX was our real admin secret!

I saw the warning in the previous line, and wondered if perhaps something had changed, and we shouldn't be specifying the admin details any longer?

But according to this, yes we should:

So.. what's the deal? What is this warning message about, and how can we stop it logging out secret keys?


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