Problem Getting/Setting ACL with Boto or RiakCSClient

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Problem Getting/Setting ACL with Boto or RiakCSClient

Valenti, Anthony
We started having an unusual problem last week and I'm not sure what happened to change anything, but it our automated process isn't working now.

The process normally is that we get files in a Riak CS bucket and we have an automated program that processes the file and then puts it in another bucket and sets the ACL to the same as the parent directory.  The process is now getting an error when it tries to get the parent directory ACL and set the object ACL (copy the ACL).  
But the account has full control over the parent directory and the object that it just wrote to the directory. 
Here is the really strange part.  This is only a problem with our programs that use the boto client for python or the RiakCSClient for java.  If we use Cloudberry, with the same account (access and secret keys), we can get the parent directory ACL and set the object ACL.  No errors.  

We versions that we are using are 
Riak-CS - 1.5.3
Riak - 1.4.12
Stanchion - 1.5.0

Here is a test python script that we wrote to check the functionality with python.

import boto3
from boto3.session import Config

accesskey = '*****************'
secretkey = '*******************************'
bucketname = 'analytics'
key = 'clients/inbound/Tlog_20170626.gz'
pathing = 'clients/inbound/'

client = boto3.client('s3', endpoint_url='', config=Config(s3={'addressing_style': 'virtual'}), aws_access_key_id=accesskey, aws_secret_access_key=secretkey)
response = client.list_objects(Bucket=bucketname)

response = client.get_bucket_acl(Bucket=bucketname)

response = client.get_object_acl(Bucket=bucketname, Key=key)


This is the error that we get:
botocore.exceptions.ClientError: An error occurred (AccessDenied) when calling the GetBucketAcl operation: Access Denied

This is an excerpt of the automated java program that copies the ACL and gets a a similar error.

import com.basho.riakcs.client.api.RiakCSClient;
csClient= new RiakCSClient(accesskey, secretkey, "ourserver:8080", false);
csClient.copyACLToObject(bucketName, key, RiakCSClient.Permission.FULL_CONTROL, pathing);



Anthony Valenti



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