[ANN] Riak version 0.10.1

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[ANN] Riak version 0.10.1

Hello, again, Riak users.  We fixed a couple of small issues over the
weekend, and decided to tag and release them as 0.10.1.

Downloads are here:

Release notes here (and below):

The Basho Team

Riak 0.10.1 Release Notes

Riak 0.10.1 addresses two issues:

 - An issue has been fixed, which caused map/reduce queries to never
   be run on the node where the query originated. This both improves
   the efficiency of some queries, as well as fixes map/reduce on
   single-node clusters.

 - The "deps" make target was added as a dependency of the "rel" make
   target, such that "make rel" does the right thing the first time.

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