[ANN] Riak KV operating system packaging deprecations

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[ANN] Riak KV operating system packaging deprecations

Charlie Voiselle
As part of our release process, we regularly review our list of supported operating systems(OS) and OS versions for additions and deprecations.

Deprecations fall into one of two categories:
1) deprecation of an aging OS version
2) deprecation of an entire operating system.

When it comes to the deprecation of aging OS versions, we closely monitor end-of-life notices from OS vendors to determine when to stop building for a specific OS version. Stability and availability are the reasons you chose Riak KV, and without active vendor support for an underlying operating system, both of these values can be compromised.

The deprecation of an entire OS is a more difficult decision because we would love to have a Riak package for any platform where someone wants to run Riak. However, attempting to support too many platforms risks inadequate support for some platforms. Thus, we monitor statistics for which operating systems are most  frequently used by our customers and community members.  We have found a few that are significantly less popular among Riak users. Basho will be removing official support for these operating systems to allow us to focus more attention on the ones most often deployed.

So, let’s get to the details:
  • Starting with Riak KV 2.0.8, we have stopped building packages for SmartOS 1.3 and Debian 6.
  • For all future Riak KV releases, we will cease building packages for all SmartOS versions, all Solaris versions, and all Fedora Core versions.

Basho customers with any questions are encouraged to contact either their account managers or the Basho Client Services team.

Basho community members can contact us via the riak-users mailing list.

Best regards,
Charlie Voiselle
Senior Product Manager - Riak KV, Basho Technologies

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